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Student Information

Taking Courses

Anyone can take CommUniversity courses! The goal of CommUniversity is to offer an interesting variety of courses at an affordable price. Regardless of age, previous exposure to the topic at hand, or general level of education, you can participate in CommUniversity.

We offer four categories of courses: Religious Studies, Arts and Humanities, Personal Enrichment, and Regional Studies. All courses are taught on the four Sundays in February from 2 to 4 p.m. Since all classes are taught at the same time, you may only take one class. Classes cost $40 total.

Location of your classroom

The Thursday before your first Sunday class, you will receive an email with a map of the St. Ambrose campus and the location of your classroom. The map also includes all of the available parking areas on campus so that you can plan the best place to park.

How to Watch a Good Class Die

Six days before classes start, we look at enrollment numbers in every class and have to cancel classes with low enrollment. So remember, please do not wait until the last minute to sign up! It may be too late!


Refunds are not generally considered except in the case of classes cancelled due to insufficient registrations.

All refund checks are mailed out in late March, once all of our accounts are reviewed.

More Questions? Call 309-794-7259.

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